The best way to love Scorpios is know their zodiac sign well. Learn what makes Scorpios happy and what bothers them. Scorpios are known for being secretive, intense and easily bored. Therefore, you must understand how you can keep a Scorpio content in many ways to make your relationship a successful one.

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Cater to a Scorpio's sensitivity. Show a Scorpio that he or she can trust you. Scorpios have a hard time forgiving wrongs against them. Keep your word and be honest within your relationship.

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Minimize the jealously factor. Make sure your Scorpio does not feel threatened within the relationship. Let the Scorpio know that he or she is No. 1 in your eyes.

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Allow Scorpios to share their secrets willingly. Everything can be considered a secret to this zodiac sign. Even their birthday or favorite food might take time to be revealed.

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Be direct when communicating. A Scorpio dislikes manipulation and desires concise requests. For example, a request to take out the trash doesn't require a story to convince them.

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Keep your love interesting. Scorpios easily get bored. The more intense or dramatic, the better. Going to an exotic location for the weekend could be something that helps you love a Scorpio better.