How to Write a Survey Paper

Create an easy-to -survey in order to shape the essay.

Writing a survey paper requires the writer to choose a topic that will get feedback, then creating the survey and dispersing it to a number of people. Once the answers have been recorded, the writer must organize the feedback into categories and identify the patterns. Based on the survey, the writer can create statistics to incorporate into the survey essay that highlight the findings and come to a conclusion about the topic based on the survey results. Make sure to follow the guidelines set forth by the assignment to ensure a successful essay.

Choose a topic of interest. The best topic will be a question that people will have a strong opinion about., but it does not have to be controversial. Something as simple as "Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?" is easy but allows everyone to give a preference.

Create a survey that asks the survey question, along with other information like gender, age and occupation. Add any other questions that will help differentiate the results. For a standard five paragraph essay, having three questions that help distinguish the responders will provide the three body paragraphs needed. It's also helpful to ask people why they responded the way they did to give the writer more data to incorporate into his essay.

Tally and categorize the results. For example, did 60 percent of males surveyed prefer chocolate? Did 85 percent of people under 20 years of age prefer vanilla? These tallies will be incorporated into your paper. These tallies will serve as a rough outline for the essay.

Begin the essay with an introduction. Include the survey question, why this topic was chosen and the hypothesis that was made prior to taking the survey. Also, explain the method of collecting the survey results. Did the writer send out a Facebook message? Did she email? Did the surveyor ask people walking by?

Write the first body paragraph, starting with the hypothesis regarding this particular group. Explain the results of the specific group. The writer can also provide direct quotes from responders to give the essay human interest.

Repeat Step 5, writing as many body paragraphs as the assignment calls for in the same manner but focusing each section on different groupings and responses.

Write the conclusion, restating the hypothesis and then stating a conclusion about its accuracy as well as what the writer learned from the survey.

Edit the essay, starting with the last sentence and working backwards to ensure maximum thoroughness.

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