How to Write a Personal Opinion Argument Essay

Study the editoral and op-ed sections of your newspapers to see examples various opinion-writing styles.
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In an opinion article, how you present your argument can be as important as what you say. Expressing your thoughts in a logical, substantive format will give credibility to your ideas, whether you are writing to fulfill an assignment, to justify a business decision or for an editorial for an important publication.

1 Outlining Your Essay

Pre-writing should include development of a strong outline.
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Start your essay with an introduction that explains the topic of your discussion in a manner that grabs attention. Whether your topic requires tons of research or involves a subject near and dear, present your thoughts in an order that the reader can follow. Consider organizing by chronology, geography, order of importance, statistics or other reasonable factors. Make a list of the topics in the order they will appear, and note important points to make in each section.

2 Strengthen Your Argument

Strengthen your argument with strong supporting facts.
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Avoid generalizing about your opinions. When presenting your argument, state the topic, your opinion and how you formed your opinion. Facts that relate to the thesis statement strengthen your argument. Present statistics, historical summaries and scientific evidence as support. Find various ways to support your statements, such as giving an example that proves your point. Without clouding the issues, be aware of your opponents' arguments, and try to address important points with strong evidence to support your position.

3 Consider the Source

Quote an expert to strengthen your argument.
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Use testimonies to strengthen your position. Another way to win an argument is to find allies who share your opinion. When writing your essay, cite sources that agree with you. You can find articles to quote, public figures, experts in the field of discussion and others who share your feelings, but consider the credibility of your sources -- are they reliable? You can even conduct a survey to validate your position. Credit your sources, according to the style sheets that apply.

4 Editing

Your colleagues will respond favorably to logical, convincing arguments.
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After you think you have completed your essay, re-read the article to be sure the article flows. When possible, have another person read the article, or read it out loud to make sure the written words are what you intended. Next, make sure that your introduction gets attention, and that your conclusion summarizes the points of the essay. Finally, proofread for grammar and spelling. An essay that is well written helps to sell your ideas, so be sure to put forth an organized, intelligent impression.

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