Which Jobs Require Quick Thinking Skills?

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Workers who have jobs that require quick thinking skills, must have the ability to negotiate situations and respond immediately. These jobs may be highly stressful and demand strict attention from the worker to avoid negative consequences like injury, losing a game or losing money. Performing these jobs well requires skill and professionalism.

1 Doctor

A doctor must be able to think quickly and respond in an emergency situation of life or death. When he goes to work, the emergency room doctor does not know what illnesses and accidents he will witness during his shift. In this situation, immediate assistance is needed, without much time for contemplation. The doctor must make a serious decision within seconds.

2 Stockbroker

Being a stockbroker is a hectic and demanding job. A stockbroker is responsible for investing his client's money in the unpredictable stock market. This job requires quick thinking. The highs and lows of the market can cause a client to lose money without much notice. The stockbroker must watch the trend carefully to quickly advise clients on which action to take to preserve investments.

3 Police Officer

The police officer protects citizens by risking his life daily. The officer's instincts and quick thinking ability are necessary to protect his life and that of others. When coming into harm's way, he may have no time to negotiate and must act quickly. It is this defense mechanism that is needed to keep the police officer safe in the line of duty.

4 Athlete

An athlete must use his reflexes and mental ability to react quickly in a game. There are many sports where the player or participant has to possess quick thinking skills such as: basketball, football, boxing or track and field. The player has to carefully watch the opponent to stay ahead of him or to gain control to win the game.

5 Firefighter

The firefighter enters dangerous buildings and structures to rescue those in trouble. He endangers his life in order to save others. During a fire, smoke makes visibility difficult and the rescuer has to think quickly to find the victim. If his pathway becomes blocked, he uses quick thinking skills to locate alternate routes to safety.

Based in North Carolina, Victoria Thompson has taught middle school for the past 15 years. She holds a Masters of Education in middle school instruction from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She teaches English daily to English as a second language students.