Interactive iPad apps can make learning fun again!

iPads can be wonderful educational resources to integrate into classrooms, enhance instruction, engage students and transform teaching and learning. There are hundreds of free educational apps that are perfect for high school students and teachers. All of these free, fun and useful iPad apps for education are found on the Apple iTunes Store.


This award-winning app safely connects students and teachers, allowing them to share information and collaborate outside of class. Teachers create a page for students to join, where they post messages or assignments, host secure class discussions and share files. Students can submit homework, see grades and teacher feedback, participate in forums and reply to posts. Entire schools or districts can get their own Edmodo web address and build a unique community to connect all teachers, students and parents.

Khan Academy

With this app, learn about almost any topic -- any time, anywhere, and for free. Supported by donations, Khan Academy is a non-profit organization on a mission to make education accessible to all. The Khan Academy app has over 3,500 videos spanning hundreds of topics, such as math, chemistry, history, finance, and SAT preparation. Most videos are about ten minutes long and easy to understand -- perfect for a student needing clarification on a topic or a teacher introducing a new concept.

Free Books

This Spreadsong, Inc. app gives users over 23,000 classic pieces of literature at their fingertips. Not only is it a free e-reader complete with a night mode, every single title is free, too. Shakespeare, classic American and Victorian literature, autobiographies, letters and even ghost stories are included. The beautiful interface includes an integrated dictionary and a simple search or browse feature.


This app is described by creator Grockit as a "collaborative, multimedia and interactive e-book from the future." Using almost anything found on the internet -- videos, blog entries, maps, Google Docs, podcasts and articles, users create "Learnboards" to share with others. Users can browse a huge library of subjects, follow favorite contributors, upload their own photos, share through social media and collaborate with others. Teachers can create "Learnboards" specific to their class and challenge students to create their own.