Cardboard is lightweight but easily damaged.

Cardboard is essentially a heavy form of paper. While you can use cardboard to produce items such as storage boxes, poster boards and signs, the lightweight material comes with a downside.


Cardboard is relatively weak and will fold or tear easily. For example, trading cards made of cardboard are highly susceptible to damage. Manufacturers must make storage boxes with double wall cardboard sheets to increase their durability.

Low Weather Resistance

Cardboard is not weatherproof. Water and other liquids will saturate and further weaken cardboard products. Liquid can also seep through a cardboard box and damage its contents.


Aesthetically, cardboard is typically not pleasing. Cardboard signs, for example, can appear less legitimate than signs made of alternative materials.


When moving, you might want to consider packing your valuables in boxes made of material that is sturdier than cardboard. Some alternatives include corrugated plastic containers.