Teaching Simple Adjectives to Kindergarten Students

Use objects to teach your students about adjectives.
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Adjectives may be a new concept to the children in your kindergarten class. However, teaching your students how to use descriptive words is one of the easier lessons you'll impart to them. By using a variety of methods to hit home the meaning and use of adjectives, you'll broaden your pupils' horizons and give them a valuable tool when it comes to expressing themselves to others.

1 Elementary Concept of Adjectives

You can implement colored blocks into your adjective lesson.
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Explain to your students that adjectives are words they can use to describe and identify objects, conditions and people. Name several simple adjectives that the class will understand such as red, tall, blue, dark, short, light and others. Tell your students how adjectives can be a way to distinguish one item from another. Line up blocks of several colors on the table. Explain that by using adjectives, they can direct you to pick up the exact block they are referring to as opposed to another.

2 Using the Senses to Identify Adjectives

Kindergarten children often love lessons that focus on the five senses. You can teach your pupils to use their senses to identify adjectives. Bring in a variety of objects that present a variety of surfaces for a lesson on touch. Sandpaper, silk, marbles and pillows are some items you can present to the kids. Ask them to describe how the objects feel when they touch them. Smooth, soft, cold and rough are some adjectives they may name. Bring in numerous scented candles, and allow them to name smells and colors that can be used as adjectives as well such as spicy, floral, sweet, pink and blue.

3 Using Art to Express Adjectives

Kindergarteners are fond of expressing themselves artistically. Distribute crayons and drawing paper to the class, and ask your students to draw a picture of their choice. Afterward, allow each child to display his drawing in front of the class. Ask the students who remain seated to use adjectives to describe the drawing. Alternatively, assign adjectives to groups of two or three students, and ask them to draw a corresponding picture. Have one group focus on the word "tall" to produce images of tall people, buildings and animals. Have another group focus on items that are square, round or rectangular and so on.

4 Using Games to Teach Adjectives

Kindergarten kids are often up for a rousing game of any sort. Bring in an oversize box full of interesting objects. Load it up with hats, shoes, toys and household items. Draw the items out one by one and display them for the class to see. Point to the object and ask "Is it...?" type questions. For example, if you have a chrome toaster, ask your students, "Is it purple?" Once they've answered appropriately, ask "Is it rough?" They'll easily be able to answer "No" when they see the smooth, silver surface. Explain to them that all of the words you've used are examples of adjectives.

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