Speech therapy helps treat communication and speech disorders in children. This can include physical exercises that can help strengthen the throat muscles. There are also specialized drills to improve voice clarity and sound. Sometimes speech therapy can be costly. Instead, online speech therapy activities are an affordable option to help improve your child's communication skills.

Printable Worksheets

Parents can use the printable worksheets from the Speech TX website. These worksheets help improve your child's articulation, language and literacy skills. There are also online activities that both you and your child can play together. Speech TX also shows you how to create your own speech therapy activities. The website lists other resources and websites that parents can visit for more ideas on creating speech therapy activities. All of the games, worksheets and resources are free to use.


Speech Therapy At Home Games

Parents can combine learning with entertainment by using the suggested games through the Speech Language Development website. Games such as "Guess Who?," "Trouble," "Go Fish" and "Whac-a-Mole" are good games to incorporate with speech therapy, allowing your child to practice articulation and clarity skills. The Speech Language Development website also has a blog and tips and ideas section on creating speech therapy activities. One article discusses the common mistakes parents make while teaching their children, and other articles talk about literacy and articulation. All the resources are free to use on this website.


Free Online Speech Therapy Homework Materials

The Tiny Eye website, a site that believes in providing free resources and games, provides parents with the necessary homework activities for speech therapy. Not only do these activities help parents but they help educators, speech therapy pathologists and children with communication disorders. Activities include online games that are entertaining and help teach speech skills. They constantly add and update games throughout the school year. The games also monitor your child's progress and sends the updates to your educator or speech therapy pathologist. Interested parents must register with the website to get information about using these games.


Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com