Bring your students into the 21st century with a smart board lesson.

Move your fourth-grade social studies lessons from textbooks to a much more interactive page with a Smart Board activity. Fourth-grade social studies standards run the gamut from understanding cultures to economics, civics and geography, providing a variety of content-based activity options to choose from.

Content Creation

Although you can create your own interactive Smart Board social studies activities using the Smart Notebook or Smart Classroom Suite software, you also can choose to download ready-made lessons and games. The Smart Exchange -- part of Smart's website -- offers an array of activities to download onto your Smart Board. Teachers can search lessons by subject, grade level and specific key words, such as fourth-grade social studies content for activities on culture. The results provide a list of activities to download that all focus on culture-themed social studies content either age-appropriate or specific to fourth-grade learning standards. Additionally, you can find Smart Board activities to download from educational sites such as PBS Kids and other schools.

Cultural Contexts

If your social studies curriculum has to include lessons on different people and places, an interactive Smart Board activity on cultures can meet the mark. For example, the state of Tennessee's learning standards call for fourth-graders to learn about similarities and differences in human cultures. The Smart Exchange has an array of culture-focused activities that the site notes are fitting for fourth-grade students. For example, the "Defining the Word Culture" download provides fourth-graders with an introduction to what culture means and how they can apply this concept to studying the different states of America.

Civics and Government

The Smart Exchange features content on fourth-grade social studies civics lessons. Whether your students are learning basic vocabulary for the branches of the government or how the U.S. government works, Smart Board activities provide easy alternatives to your typical paper-and-pencil lessons. For example, the "Levels of Government" download allows your students to take a look at each branch of the government, learning how each works. Tie this activity to the "Branches of Government Vocabulary Lesson" download, giving your students a complete picture of how the government works and what words to use when describing it.

Global Geography

You can use an old school globe to help your social studies students learn geography content, or you can add an interactive Smart Board activity to boost their interest levels. Your students can study the cultural tie-ins to geography with a Smart Board lesson from the Scholastic Teachers website. This interactive activity allows young students to learn about Ellis Island and meet immigrants their own age from other places around the world. Add this to a more straightforward geography lesson -- such as the "Geography" download from Smart Exchange -- to show your students where their immigrant friends from the first activity come from.