Self-Help Books on Abandonment & Trust Issues

Self-help books can give you tools to work on your trust and abandonment issues.
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Feelings of abandonment can stem from losing a parent or abuse, among other reasons. The sufferer may try to bury pain, only to see the wounds reappear later on in life. The help of a trained professional such as a psychologist can be useful to work through abandonment and trust issues. Self-help books can also offer important information and tools to help heal these painful feelings.

1 Recovering from a Break-Up

Psychotherapist Susan Anderson wrote, "The Journey from Abandonment to Healing" specifically for those who are grieving a lost relationship. Whether you recently broke-up with your partner, are still in a relationship where you don't feel loved or are suffering from old abandonment wounds, this book can help. By getting in touch with your feelings the reader can get on the path to recovery. Anderson outlines five stages of abandonment: shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, anger and lifting. She helps you understand that after intense pain and internalizing unhappiness, you can turn the anger outward and fight back against pain and isolation.

2 Mother-Daughter Relationships

A family therapist and her teenage daughter co-wrote the book, "Between Mother & Daughter: A Teenager and Her Mom Share the Secrets of a Strong Relationship." Both Judy and Amanda Ford write their stories in this honest self-help guide and give tips on how to strengthen the relationship. Teens get advice on sex, creating an identity, giving yourself space to grow, friendship, dieting and more. You'll also get insight into mom's concerns and thoughts. This book helps teens and moms navigate rocky relationships and forge strong bonds by understanding the unique perspectives they bring to the family dynamic.

3 Surviving Dysfunctional Families

Guys will especially relate to author Mike Van's honest book, "From Hurt to Happiness." Van suffered from a dysfunctional family and bullying that almost brought him to suicide. He managed to overcome his past and rebuild his life. His book outlines 25 secrets that lead to successful relationships. Each chapter outlines one secret. While the lessons draw from Van's life, readers can find advice to help them with their relationships, face down past unhappiness and improve their quality of life.

4 Moving Beyond Abandonment

Whether you've been physically or emotionally abandoned, social worker Claudia Black can show you how your loss affects you in, "Changing Course." Maybe your family life is too chaotic, disconnected, rigid or hyper-connected. Black gives a straightforward framework to understand how this has caused your depression, procrastination, perfectionism and other behaviors. A path to recovery is outlined with specific steps that help put your past behind you, practice forgiveness and build healthy relationships.

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