Second Grade Math Ideas on Space


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is "second grade math ideas on space. " Now, for a second grader, they're usually starting to handle more complicated addition and subtraction. So, you can calculate the days in a year on Earth, on Mars, and on Venus, and have them do addition and subtraction to figure out which one's longer, and how much, which one's shorter, and how much. So, for example, Venus, one year on Venus is 224 days. One year on Earth, as we know, is about 365 days. So, if we wanna figure out how much longer Earth years are then Venus years are, we do 365 minus 224. So, five minus four is one, six minus two is four, three minus two is one. So, a year on Earth is 141 days longer than a year on Venus. And, that's a second grade math idea, for space. Thanks a lot!

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