Science Projects About Earth's Changes


Hi, I'm Sean Tvelia, and we're here at Suffolk County Community College to discuss some simple projects that can show how Earth changes over time. Now when designing Earth science experiments to look at changes in the Earth you need to keep in mind the scale or the time frame in which those changes occur. For example, play tectonics occurs over the scale of millions of years and is probably not a very good process to examine in any Earth science project but we can look at things such as erosion and weathering in relatively short periods of times. Now in terms of studying weathering, one really simple project is to utilize grave stones. Grave stones are typically produced at the time of a person's death and over time, weather as a result of environmental conditions within that area and simply by measuring the depth of an engraving versus the time frame, we can start to measure erosion rates within that area. Other projects can include things like Google Earth. Google Earth has allowed satellite imagery into the homes of millions and one process in Google Earth allows you to actually change the time frame and see how the specific geographic location has changed over time and we can measure those changes very simply using Google Earth. So these are just a few ways or a few projects that can be done to record Earth changes over time.

Professor Sean Tvelia is an Associate Professor of Geology at Suffolk County Community College.