Real World Examples of How We Use Math on a Daily Basis


Hi, my name is Stefan. Today, I'm going to be speaking on real world example on how we use math on a daily basis. A thing that I use every day is taxi cabs. And taxi cabs are important because they get you from point A to point B and usually taxi cabs have the five dollar initial fee and then it usually costs around seven dollars per mile. So a good way to use math is you can calculate how much money it's going to cost you in order to complete your trip. Me I usually go four miles so for me to calculate my trip I know that it's five plus seven times the four miles that I'm traveling. So that gives me five plus 28 and then I have my answer 33. So I already know as soon as I get in to the cab that I'm going to need 30 dollars. 33 dollars to complete my trip. This is an example of how we use math on a daily basis.

Stefan Robert is an expert in computers, with two degrees in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.