How to Read a Scatter Plot Output


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is how to read a scatter plot output. Now, a scatter plot is data on an x,y axis that is usually comparing two variables, and looking for the relationship between them. So I'm gonna put a few up here. Now, the first one is going to be just a bunch of data. And all these data points, they don't really have much correlation, they're very spread out, you couldn't just draw a great straight line to approximate the data. So we'd say this is a weak correlation, it's weak. Now, if we had all our data kind of hovering about what looks like a straight line, for example we could draw that nice straight line right there, that is a strong correlation, and if it's somewhere in the middle, but it's coming up and now it's starting to look like a curve or parabola, that's also strong. So the more tightly concentrated the data, the stronger the correlation between the two variables. The less concentrated the data, the weaker the correlation between the two variables. And that is how you read a scatter plot output.

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