Interesting Economics Questions

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Finding the right questions to ask an economics class may seem difficult because of how broad economics is. However, you can develop interesting questions from the history, the current state, or the future of economics.

1 Why does the price of gas fluctuate so frequently?

This is the question that so many students ask themselves every time they pass by a pump. Gas prices fluctuate for many reasons. The economy, the location of the gas station, events in the world and the time of year are just some reasons. So this question could have many potential answers.

2 Why do sports players and television stars make more than doctors and politicians?

A classic question of entertainment versus practicality, students will find this question is both infuriating and intriguing because of how much entertainment is valued above medicine or public leadership. It can also prompt further discussion on the future of the country, should the entertainment business become even more predominant over the more practical and useful services. Keep in mind that this particular question might inspire angry students.

3 How is inflation affected by foreign trade?

Because the importing of goods from other nations affects the economy, this question can generate as many opinions as facts. Foreign trade might cause prices to go up or down, depending on the situation, so answers will vary greatly from student to student. This question could also lead to discussion on trade practices between certain countries and the business decisions behind trading with foreign countries.

4 How does an increase in the minimum wage affect the economy?

Increasing the minimum wage arguably can affect the price of goods and services, but it can also increase consumer spending. Students who answer this question will be forced to look at the pros and cons of a minimum wage increase and how it affects the economy. However, many students who earn minimum wage might be torn between wanting more money and discovering how it causes prices to rise.