How to Remember a Phone Number. It is very hard to remember digits. Everyone has been in the situation that a number is given to them when they have no pen and paper, and they forget it only seconds later. Remember a number on a billboard, on the back of a delivery truck or to your favorite pizza delivery with a few tricks listed below. Use them and never forget a number again.

Visualize the number. Some people are visual learners, and this technique works best for them. Everyone learns with a little visual, so picture the numbers in your head. Think about what they would look like, what color they would be, what they would look like on a business card or in your handwriting.

Recite the number out loud. Some people respond more to auditory cues. Recite the number three times right away, and again in one minute. Recite them every few minutes out loud.

Practice dial the number. This technique works best for haptic learners. Imagine dialing it into your cell phone or home phone. Move the fingers in the way in which it would be used to dial the number while reciting the number.

Group the numbers together. The human mind naturally remember better in groups of three and four. Remember a phone number in three groups: the area code, the first three digits, and then that last four.

Look for personal associations with the numbers. Associate numbers to birthdays. Ages, pin numbers or other things that are personal to you. Your mind will recall the numbers when the association is thought up.