A rude woman may get in your face as she demands her way.

Dealing with rude, disrespectful women requires patience, a calm state of being and a clear mind. You never know when you will run into a woman who is less than polite to you; demanding her way, cursing at you or just being generally rude. You also may simply be an observer who witnesses a woman being rude and disrespectful to somebody else. Whatever the case, knowing how to deal with rude, disrespectful women will prepare you for the next time you run into one.

Remain calm. That's one of the most important things you can do when dealing with a rude, disrespectful woman. While she may not be calm or clear-minded, this does not mean that her bad mood has to rub off on you. If you encounter a woman being rude to you or someone you know, keep your cool and do not get in her face like you may feel the urge to.

Decide if confronting her about the problem is a reasonable step to take in this particular situation. Perhaps she is generally under control but made a smart remark to you; at this point, intervention is not called for or necessary. However, if she is openly insulting you or someone else close by, it may be appropriate to take action and step in.

Remain calm and ask her what the problem is. If you have decided that intervention is necessary, calmly approach her and ask her what the problem is. Listen to what she has to say without losing your temper or arguing with her. After she has stated why she was being rude, explain why her behavior is offensive and ask her to respect either your boundaries or the boundaries of the person you are standing up for. If she still does not respond and continues to throw out insults, it is time to get help from someone else, or possibly the authorities.

Be a good example. If you are the one talking to a rude woman, you may be the kind-hearted, patient example that stands out. If she says something openly rude to you and you have the strength, you may counter her meanness with a genuinely kind remark that will startle and surprise her. Whatever the case, do not let her rude spirit bring you down too much.

Avoid interactions with rude, disrespectful women. If you know a rude, disrespectful woman close to you, avoid interactions with her at all costs. It may upset you, and you do not need this burden. If you know someone who is constantly rude to you and she notices that you are avoiding her, perhaps she will re-examine her behavior and consider being a little more sensitive to you.