I've been a student of the "Law of Attraction" for most of my life without even knowing it. Intuitively, I have told the Universe what I wanted and believing, I have received. I recently read the bestseller The Secret and have been putting the principles described there to practice. Here is how I speak to the Universe.

DECIDE what it is you really want. Sometimes making a decision is difficult. We tend to be unclear about what we truly want, so we get nothing. DECIDE what you want. BE CLEAR. Name it. See it.

Place your INTENTION on what you want. Intention is powerful. When we do something INTENTIONALLY, we do it with intense focus and attention. It is a deliberate action. Be that focused, that attentive, and that deliberate about what it is you want. Speak to the Universe-- I speak to the Universe in many, many ways. I speak my intention out loud. Then, I close my eyes and get quiet. I meditate with my intention at the center of my focus. Move beyond wanting to intent. I intend to...

LOVE and THANK the Universe. Love is powerful energy. Gratitude is also very powerful. You have to believe that the Universe has already granted your request. You have to feel the Universe vibrate with the energy of your intention. Center yourself in LOVE. Your intention is your heart's desire. The heart is the seat of love, so it's through love that your intention manifests.

Accept only POSITIVE energy. Replace negative thoughts or feelings of doubt with a POSITIVE affirmation that the Universe is bringing all good things to you. If you feel doubt that your intention will be manifested, stop and THANK the Universe for bringing you that which you intended to receive.