How Many People Survived the Titanic?

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The Titanic was one of the largest luxury ships when it was built in 1912 by White Star Line, and it was billed as unsinkable. This promotional wording turned out to be tragically false when the Titanic sank April 15, 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean after striking an iceberg.

1 Total Number on Board

During the Titanic's maiden voyage, 2,228 people were aboard. Around 68 percent did not survive the ship's sinking.

2 Number of Crew Members

According to by Discovery, 885 crew members were on board the Titanic. Of those, 215 survived after the ship sank.

3 Number of Passengers

Using simple math deducting the number of crew members from the number of individuals, 1,343 passengers were on the Titanic during its maiden and only voyage. Of these, 337 were first class, 285 were in second class and 721 passengers were third class. Of all these, only 490 survived.

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