How to Handwrite Faster

Handwriting quickly is a valuable skill.

Consider this situation: you are sitting in class, and your professor begins a lecture. As he speaks, your classmates begin shouting out questions, and before you know it, you are taking in more information than you can write down in a timely manner. There is a remedy for this situation. You can learn how to hand-write faster. Even with today's emphasis on computers and typing, the ability to hand-write quickly is a valuable skill for people in all areas of study and professions.

Acquaint yourself to writing by hand comfortably. Determine a writing position that allows you to write legibly without becoming tired. Ensure that this writing position is comfortable and will not cause your hand to cramp.

Write in cursive. Handwriting in cursive is 10 percent faster than writing in print. When you use cursive style, you lift your pen less than when you use manuscript form, allowing you to write faster.

Write letters in a small, tight fashion. The less space you use on the paper, the less time it takes to write a word. By writing with small, tight letters, you are able to write words more quickly. You will also be making the best possible use of the space available on your paper.

Develop a personalized system of shorthand writing. This does not have to be legible to others, as long as you understand it. Determine whether you can write certain letters with less keystrokes, eliminate unnecessary words or use symbols instead of full words. For example, writing a plus sign instead of the word "and" will save time, as will eliminating words such as "the" from written sentences. Writing "dog jumps over fence" is as understandable as "the dog jumps over the fence" and requires less time to write.

Practice writing by hand. As you practice, you will become more comfortable with the process and will become proficient at writing rapidly. To practice, write down thoughts as they enter your mind, or copy dialogue from a television show . This will help you to handwrite faster, as well as teaching you to effectively take in information and write at the same time.

Cadence Michaels has been writing professionally since 2007, primarily through blogging and articles for various websites. In 2010 Michaels completed a Master of Business Administration degree and hopes her studies will assist her in writing about new topics.