Fun Reading Activities for Middle School

Activities make reading fun for middle schoolers.

Keeping your students' attention focused on reading is often difficult. That's why fun activities are great tools for teachers. They will help your students stay focused and learn at the same time. When students find reading fun, they will look forward to that part of the day, rather than dread it.

1 Comprehension Spinner

Make a spinner by attaching a construction paper arrow to a paper plate with a brad. Divide the plate into sections and write words on each section, such as who, what, when, where, why and how. After the class is finished reading a story, let students take turns spinning the wheel and then ask a question based on where they land. A "who" question could be about a character, a "when" question could be about the story's time line.

2 Cause and Effect

After reading the story, split the students up into groups. Give each student index cards to write causes and effects relating to the story. Then, let the students mix up all the causes and the effects within their group and work together on matching them. This will help make sure the students understood the story's plot.

3 Music and Poetry

If your students aren't wild about poetry, have each one bring the lyrics of their favorite song to class. Tell them beforehand that curse words and other inappropriate lyrics aren't allowed. Let each student read a portion of the lyrics, and point out to them that songs are just like poetry. Then have the students practice writing their own poem.