What Is an Example of a Metaphor in the Book "Breaking Dawn?"

Dawn is a metaphor for new life in the last of the
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"Breaking Dawn" is the fourth and last book in the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer. In it, human Bella and vampire Edward finally get married and they consummate their relationship. Bella becomes pregnant during their honeymoon, but rather than being a joyous event, the pregnancy nearly kills Bella and it leads to her being turned into a vampire. The title of the novel, "Breaking Dawn," is a metaphor for Bella's new life as a vampire.

1 Newly-Made Vampire

Like the sun rising for the day, Bella rises with new life as a vampire after dying as a human while giving birth. It is the dawn of her new life, and the book follows her as she learns how to navigate her new powers as a vampire.

2 Dawn as New Life

The dawn also acts as a metaphor for the new life that Bella has created -- her daughter, Renesmee. The half-human, half-vampire baby grows at an accelerated pace, and she learns how to control her powers at the same time that Bella is learning how to be a vampire. Bella is also embracing her new life as a mother and a wife.

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