Education Survival Games

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Education survival games are exciting and fun for children and adults of all ages. These games provide real-life scenarios in which students must work together to create a solution to a problem. Team building, problem solving, and creative thinking are strengthened during education survival games. Students and teachers will enjoy uniting for a common goal during education survival games.

1 Plane Crash Survival Game

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During a plane crash survival game game, students would be given the scenario of a plane crash that occurs in Northern Canada during the middle of winter. The group of survivors has 12 items to use and must rank each item from most important to least important. The group's ability to decide on the importance of each item also determines their survival.

2 Nuclear Explosion Survival Game

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Pick a game that assumes a nuclear explosion has occurred on the planet Earth. The participants must pick six people from a list of 20 that can be saved. Students must read through the character biographies provided and determine which people will be able to live. The characters chosen to survive must be able to live in a world with limited resources. The students must also provide a rationale for why they have chosen the six to survive.

3 Worst-Case Scenario Game

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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game is a board game in which students are challenged to use their survival instincts to win against their opponents. Players receive a hand of cards that prompt them to consider the best way to survive a crisis, such as a forest fire or a shark attack. Students must choose the best answer on the card. If they get the answers right, they can move ahead. If the answer is incorrect, then they are left behind to possibly face danger.

4 Lord of the Flies Survival Game

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The Lord of the Flies survival game is based on the novel written by William Golding. This survival game requires that the participants be placed in groups to survive on an island. Each group is given an island with different settings, such as fresh water, palm trees and sea life. The groups are also given grab bags of miscellaneous items. The object of the game is for students to work together to solve the problems that will arise on the island.

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