How to Divide the Old-Fashioned Way


How to divide the old fashioned way? I'm Bon Crowder and we're talking about doing long division the old-fashioned way. So, I have two problems here and the old-fashioned long division, is to use one of these sweet, little bar things. And we put this guy on the outside, so we switch them. So, we can do this method. So, the four goes into six how many times? Well, once and then, we multiply one times four, we put it there. The next step is to subtract, six minus four is two. And then, we bring down and then, we do it all over again. We say, how many times does four go into 23? Five time,s then we multiply, five times four is 20. Then subtract, 23 minus 20 is three and bring down again. There's a pattern here, right. There is divide, multiply, subtract and bring down, o.k. So, I'm going to start it over. Four goes into 32, eight times. Multiply, eight times four is 32. Subtract, zero, bring down eight. One more time, divide, four goes into eight, twice. Multiply, two times four is eight, subtract, zero. Anything to bring down? Nothing to bring down. Any remainder? No, we're done. So, we can say, this is 1582. So, let's look at the other one. Because this one was kind of nice, we had no remainder. So, we'll do the same thing. Five goes into 837, let's see, how many times. Five goes into eight, once. That was divide, multiply, one times five is five. Subtract, bring down. Five goes into 33, five, six times. Multiply, six times five is 30, subtract, bring down. Five goes into 37, here, divide, seven times. Multiply, seven times five is 35, subtract, bring down, nothing to bring down. So, our answer here is not just 167, but 167 and two-fifths. So that is how you divide the old-fashioned way. I'm Bon Crowder, enjoy it.

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