When you write a cause and effect essay, you are showing how one thing causes another. In order to make your argument clear, you need to write a thesis statement that explains the main argument of your essay. Use these tips to determine a thesis statement for a cause and effect essay.

Brainstorm your topic so you can come up with as many possible subtopics as possible. Use the bubble method to come up with enough topics. Place your effects in the bubbles and write as many causes as possible for each effect.

Pick out the best of the main ideas. You want topics that have a lot of subtopics so you will have enough information to back up your main idea.

Research each of your ideas and see if you have enough facts to prove each idea. You want clear accurate information to back up each of your statements.

Make a general statement based on your best ideas. You might say something like "drinking is a problem with teens." Now you have a statement that needs proof. List three main things that cause this problem. These will be the causes you will list in your thesis statement.

Check that you have enough information to back up your general statement. You need enough information to write three main paragraphs explaining your three main points. Be sure of the cause and the effect. Remember the effect is what happened and the cause is why it happened.


  • Rewrite and reword your thesis statement in your conclusion.