How to Cross-Simplify


Hi, my name is Stefan. Today, I'm going to be speaking on how to cross simplify. Now let's say we are multiplying the two fractions 6/7 x 5/8. We can cross simplify by saying well, 2 goes into 6 3 times and 2 goes into 8 4 times and cross simplify and get 15/28 and the reason being is it's like we are taking out the fraction of 1. So if I rewrote the original fractions, 6/7 x 5/8 that's 2 x 3/7 x 5/2 x 4 which gives me 2/2 x 3/7 x 5/4 and we know this just equals 1 and thus we get the answer 15/28 and that's how you cross simplify.

Stefan Robert is an expert in computers, with two degrees in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.