If you think only other people are creative, you are wrong! All human beings are creative. You can be creative at work, at home, and in all your hobbies. You just need to follow these easy steps to release your natural creativity.

First of all, it is important to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you are an athlete, read. If you like museums, try a new craft. If you like music, try sports. Try as many new things as possible. If you don't enjoy something, try something else. Really enjoy many new experiences in life.

Next, change your routine and the way you do everyday things. Change where you eat breakfast, what you do first to get ready for the day, where you take your walk, or who you drink coffee with at break. Go to a different restaurant, talk to new people, go to new places. Even mix and match your wardrobe differently.

Be sure to tune out those voices that tell you you're not creative -- both your own and other people's. Some of them will be voices of those you love for other reasons. Just don't listen to their negative words. You shouldn't tell negative people about your ideas at all.

Then allow yourself quiet time in a private place to brainstorm and get ideas. Take time to think. Make connections between things that don't seem related. Make connections between business and sports, between literature and cooking, between mathematics and art. Many of the world's best ideas have come from exactly such connections.

Don't edit or dismiss your ideas even if they seem silly at first glance. Write them down without editing to look at later. Later on you can think about and pursue them and find the best of the best. But don't dismiss any creative sparks without giving them a try.

If you have trouble finding ideas, one place you definitely should look for connections is in nature. Many so-called inventions are really discoveries or adaptations of something in nature. For example, the wheel didn't need to be invented, only discovered by someone who saw a log roll. Cut a section of the log, and you have a wheel. Many designs used in different fields come from nature and plants. Many medicines have been discovered in nature.

Keep your notes, and go back to your ideas with a fresh mind on a new day. Then use your ideas! Put your new business plan in motion, design your new house, compose your song! If you try new things, make connections, and ignore negative voices, you will discover you are much more creative than you ever believed possible!