How to Create a United States Map

Printing a United States map off of the Internet is easy. The website provided customizes your map to focus on what's needed for your project. The simple steps allow you to create a map with different state groupings, colors, titles and notes.

Go to the website and click on the United States link near the bottom of the page. Choose either "showing state borders only" or "showing no state lines" from the pulldown menu.

Select a title for your map and enter it. Make the title relevant to your project or purpose.

Choose the colors you want for the groups of states. If you only want one group for all of the states, then only choose a color from the pulldown menu for Group I. You may choose up to six different groups. These groups could be used for New England, Midwest, Southwest, etc. or any other categories you want.

Name each group you used. If you only use one group, then you only need to enter a label for Group I.

Select a text color from the pulldown menu.

Enter any notes you want to show on the map. For example, if you are completing a project on New England, you could include the dates of any significant events in those states.

Select the states from the pulldown menus that you want to include in each group you chose in Step 3. If you only have one group, you will only choose the states you want for that group from the first pulldown menu.

Review the choices you selected and click on "draw the map". This will take you to a page that provides a link to your map.

Click on the link that is posted on the next page, then review the map you created.

Print your map. You can go back to the main page to make changes to your existing map or draw a new map.

  • If your printer doesn't print color, you can use markers or colored pencils to color code your groups. On the main page, you also can choose to create maps of individual states. The state map generator allows you to select counties from that specific state.

Stephanie T. Scott is a middle school English teacher in Phoenix. She holds a B.A. in journalism from Grand Valley State University and an M.Ed. in educational media and technology from Eastern Michigan University. Scott is also working on her Ed.D. in organizational leadership at Grand Canyon University.