What Is the Co-Vertex of an Ellipse?


Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm going to tell you what the co-vertex of an ellipse is. So, when we have an ellipse, you've got two axis on it, the major and the minor and the major axis on the ellipse that I just showed is going to be this horizontal one because it's the one that contains the full side. The other axis is going to be your minor axis and this is where we're going to find our co-vertices. So, right here at this point and right here at this point, which is where this minor axis is going to meet with our ellipse, these are going to be our co-vertices. So, on the major axis where the intersection of the major axis and the ellipse occur, these are going to be our vertices, but where the minor axis in the ellipse intersect, these are going to be our co-vertices. And those are the co-vertices of an ellipse.

Marija Kero graduated from the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Adolescent Education.