How to Construct a Parallelogram


Hi I'm Charlie Kasov and this is how to construct a parallelogram. Well when you're constructing a parallelogram you have to know the rules of what makes a parallelogram. And that would be opposite sides have to be equal or congruent and opposite angles have to be congruent. And there have to be four. So for example if you drew this line and this line and this was 60 degrees, then we would need this to be 120 and this would be 120 because it's opposite and this would be 60 and if this were four this would be four, if this were six, this would be six. And that is how you construct a parallelogram. Now parallelograms could be on a slant like that but rectangles are parallelograms because these sides are equal and these sides and all angles are 90 so they're all equal opposite. And squares are parallelograms. Now parallelograms are not necessarily squares but squares are parallelograms. I'm Charlie Kasov and that's how you construct a parallelogram.

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