Though a Scorpio can sting, many people don't realize that you can push a Scorpio farther than any other sign. A self-aware Scorpio knows how potent her sting is and only uses it as a last resort. The human Scorpio has a heart that tugs as strong as her tail, and a brain that can be the fairest of all the signs.

Step 1

Apologize, explain and let your Scorpio friend know what you've learned from the experience. Unless you have a horrible track record, you will likely be forgiven.

Step 2

Show your friend how sorry you are and that you appreciate her understanding. Maintain your dignity, but if you were wrong, take responsibility for it.

Step 3

Scorpio appreciates thoughtful, personal gestures such as flowers, chocolate, wine and delicious food.

Step 4

Tell your friend how important she is to you. A Scorpio can be the truest of friends, the deepest lover, because nothing is lightweight for a Scorpio.