Acronyms for Remembering the Order of Planets


My name is Eric Loberg, director of the Taylor Planetarium at the Museum of the Rockies, and I was going to talk about some acronyms to memorize the names of the planets which can be tough you're just learning the planets and there's a few of them and you can't remember which order they're in. Sometimes it's easier for you to remember some sort of sentence to try to remember the order and I've put here and underlined Mercury, Venus. Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and now Pluto is not a planet anymore so you don't have to worry about it too much. So maybe it's a little easier if you instead think of my very educated mother just served us noodles. And now you can memorize that sentence. My very educated mother just served us noodles and it's very easy, it's fast it's starts to flow through your mind and you can go back and fill in those planet names after that. I remember this one when I was a kid, it used to be nine pizzas now it's just noodles. No more Pluto. Some other fun ones are Mary's violet eyes make John stay up nights. Poor John I guess. My very easy method just sums up names. And as I was looking these up some of these I never didn't learn so I tried to find some other ones. The favorite one that I found was most voted eight meaning just slightly under nine. And that's because you'll notice there's eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight planets, just slightly under nine. Pluto used to be down here but now when the international astronomical union voted they kicked out Pluto and now there's just eight. So most voted eight meaning just slightly under nine planets. So hopefully memorize one of these sentences and that will help you remember the names of the planets. My name is Eric Loberg at the Taylor Planetarium in the Museum of the Rockies.

J. Eric Loberg is the manager, lecturer, and program planner at the Taylor Planetarium at the World, a renowned museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.