How to Write 1 Well Developed Process Analysis Paragraph

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The process analysis paragraph helps basic level and ESL writers share step- by -step instructions with their readers. The process analysis paragraph really helps writers stay organized because this type of writing calls for step-by-step instruction. The advantage about this type of writing is that it is a "how to" type of writing, which means writers can give instructions about any type of "how to." The writer can write about instructions for cooking recipes, home appliances, work ethic, writing assignments, anything that has to do with a "how to" subject matter. Step 1 of this article provides a fee tips to help with brainstorming. Step 2 provides a step- by -step recipe/format to follow for this type of writing. And step 3-4 provides 2 student samples that follow the format in step 2.

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1 Be to take some time

Be sure to take some time and think about the element you want to write about. Be sure that you are knowledgeable about the element you choose, so that your process analysis instructions will be clear for the reader. Be sure to draft out your step-by-step instructions for the element that you are writing about.

A Standard Recipe/Format for a Process Analysis Paragraph:

a)Write 1 clear topic sentence that states the element that you are writing about. In this sentence, try to include how many steps there are for your instructions. There should be at least 3 steps and no more then 6 steps.

b)Write 1 sentence that tells the first step in this process.

c) Write 1-2 sentences that provide an explanation or an example of this first step. Your explanation should tell what this step involves and why this step is needed.

d) Using a transitional phrase, write 1 sentence that states the second step in your process.

e) Write 1-2 sentences that explain your second step. Again, your explanation should tell what the step involves and why it is needed.

f) Using another transitional phrase, write 1 sentence that mentions the third step in your process.

g) Write 1-2 sentences that fully explain your third step.

h) Write 1 closing sentence that seals off your paragraph.

Note if your process analysis has more then three steps, then simply carry on after letter (g) and use the same format that appears in (b-g)

A student sample of a well developed and focused process analysis paragraph: The lower case letters are a guideline to show my readers how the paragraph follows the format in step 2.

(a) Writing a well-developed essay can be easily done in about three to four steps. (b) The first thing that should be done in order to write a great essay is to brainstorm. (c) Brainstorming allows the writer to take time to think about what he/she wants to write about. Furthermore, brainstorming helps the writer plan out and organize his/her thoughts and ideas, which will help with writing a focused essay. (d) The second step is to write a first draft and second draft. (e) Writing out a first and second draft will help the writer determine if he or she is staying on topic and following through with his/her outline from the brainstorm process. (f) The final step is to properly edit your second draft. (g) When editing your essay, the writer should edit to see if your essay has sufficient content and is well organized. Furthermore, the writer should edit for any grammatical or mechanical errors, in order to have a successful essay. (h) Finally, the essay should be ready to be turned into your professor.

A student sample of a well developed and focused process analysis paragraph: The lower case letters are a guideline to show my readers how the paragraph follows the format in step 2.

(a) My grandmother's famous bread is easy to make; it can be done in three easy steps. (b) The first step is to layout all of the ingredients. (c) These ingredients include flower, water, sugar, yeast, salt, honey, and two eggs. Laying out these ingredients will allow you to stay organized when baking the bread. (d) The next step in baking my grandmother's famous bread is to mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. (e) The best way to mix the ingredients is to mix the flower and water first, and then add all the other ingredients while mixing. This mixture will help blend all the flavors together. (f) The final step for this bread is to bake it in the oven. (g) When ready to bake it, you should pre-heat the oven to 450 f., and then bake the bread for about 30 minutes at this same temperate. This temperature and baking time will allow the bread to cook while keeping all of its moisture; therefore, the bread will not dry out. (h) Finally, the bread is ready to serve, so take it out of the oven, let it cool, cut it, and enjoy.

Always properly edit your work for content/organization and grammar/mechanics.

  • The sample paragraphs in this article do not reflect my views or any of my reader's views.
  • This is not the only way to wrtie a process anaylisis paragraph. This is only one way to help writers stay organized.

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