Wiccan God & Goddess Statues

Statues to the gods are available in many forms in Wicca.
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The religion of Wicca is based on neo-pagan and pre-Christian beliefs, magic and ritual practices. Wiccan witches will often create a shrine or altar in their homes or temples as a central focal point, and they may choose a number of god or goddess statues to place on the altar. There is no central governing body for the Wiccan faith and practitioners can choose the deities they worship. The most common Wiccan gods are the Goddess, who may be portrayed in three forms, and a horned God. Wiccan witches and priests are, however, free to select the gods they worship from any of the existing or ancient religions, faiths or cultures.

1 Goddess Statues in Wicca

Wiccan goddess statues can take any form.
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A typical Wiccan goddess statue might consist of a figure of the Triple Goddess, or Earth Goddess, in one of her guises as maiden, mother or crone, or indeed a statue depicting her in all three forms. The form of goddess statue used for Wiccan devotions is, however, irrelevant, as one of the primary Wiccan principles is that all deities are "mirrors of the All."

2 Typical Wiccan God Statue

A statue of a horned god is a typical male figure for Wiccan worship. The horned god figure may be known as Cernunnos or Herne, and pagans believed him to be the consort of the Triple Goddess. In general, Wiccan belief encompasses both a female and male aspect to the deities.

3 Wiccan Deities

Wicca practitioners choose the deities they are most comfortable worshiping and can select appropriate statuary. It is irrelevant which gods or goddesses are selected, as the act of worship is the primary concern for all Wicca practitioners. All worship is ultimately directed to the Divine Source and chosen deities are merely aspects of the Source.

4 Examples of Deities

Eros is an example of a male god to worship in Wicca.
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Although Wicca demands worship directed to the Source, it is easier for many followers to select a deity with whom they identify as a magnet for worship and a figure that has a history or identity that offers them comfort. Some examples of gods and goddesses typically worshiped are Amaterasu, Annapurna, Brighid, Athena, Pan, Eros, Apollo, Hecate, Mary, Jesus, Vesta, Poseidon or Orpeus.

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