What Is the Deity for Judaism, Christianity & Islam?

Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe God chose Abraham as the first prophet.
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Judaism, Christianity and Islam worship a monotheistic deity and trace their origins to the Prophet Abraham. Judaism gave rise to Christianity, and both of these traditions gave birth to Islam. Christians believe they worship the same deity as Jews but also believe in the Trinity, that God exists in three parts. Muslims believe they worship the same deity as Jews and Christians, but believe their faith most closely resembles the form of worship God intended.

1 God in Judaism

Jews believe in a monotheistic entity that created the entire universe, as written in the Hebrew Bible. Judaism teaches that only one deity exists or has ever existed. Jews believe that God formed an exclusive relationship with them, created a covenant with them; they uphold God's commandments and laws, and in exchange believe God blesses them and provides them with good things in life. Jews believe God will judge all good and evil, but will do so both justly and mercifully.

2 God in Christianity

The teachings of Jesus, whom Christians, unlike Jews, believe to be the promised Messiah, led to the split from Judaism. While Christians also believe that God is the monotheistic, all-powerful, ubiquitous deity that created the universe and life.

3 The Trinity in Christianity

The concept of the Trinity fundamentally separates Christian beliefs about God from Jewish and Islamic ones. Christians believe that three parts comprise God. The three parts are distinct from each other, and yet, are the same God. Christians believe the three parts include God the Father, who is the deity in the Jewish faith that created the world and life, and promised to send the Messiah. Jesus, also a part of the trinity, was the Messiah that God sent. The Holy Spirit, God's presence and power on Earth is the third part. While God consists of three beings, Christians believe they are all one entity. Muslims and Jews reject the concept of the Trinity, claiming God exists in only one form.

4 God in Islam

The term Allah is not the name of God in Islam, but instead is the term for God in Arabic. Muslims believe all three faiths worship the same deity, but that human error corrupted Judaism and Christianity, according to the "BBC." Muslims believe God gave his final instructions to the Prophet Muhammad, and see their faith as a more authentic or correct form of the previous ones. Muslims believe Allah exists as a single, all-powerful entity that created the universe. Allah has no gender or body as Jesus does and will judge all people at the end of the world.

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