What Is a Temporal Sequence?

Stages of development occur in a biologically predetermined temporal sequence.

Temporal sequence refers to a sequence of happenings in a space of time. Humans remember events as they occur in a sequential order in time, such as before or after another event. Likewise, living creatures develop in a series of stages occurring in a specific sequence over time.

1 Order of Events

A temporal sequence refers to the order in which events unfold in time. As each event unfolds, its progression establishes a specific sequence of its occurrence. Where in time each event occurred in the sequence, whether before or after another event, is called temporal sequence.

2 Patterns of Behavior

Patterns of behavior often occur in a temporal sequence. Living creatures develop, for example, following a certain pattern specific to each creature. The development is arranged in a specific time frame. For example, after a child is born, it will take about a year before he begins to walk. In the meantime, he must first learn to prop himself on his elbows, learn to sit up on his own, crawl and then finally practices standing on his two feet. This temporal sequence is known because healthy babies follow this pattern of development.

3 Affects of Memory

Memory recall is important to determining temporal sequence. Whether you remember that Ann left the party before or after John spilled his wine determines the order in which the events unfolded in time. Lack of sleep can negatively influence a person's ability to remember temporal sequences accurately. In learning, the brain's hippocampus determines how a person recalls temporal sequences. A well-functioning hippocampus helps individuals remember where they last saw their keys and what they did before they set them down.

4 Neural Networks

Computer scientists have created computers with the ability to recognize patterns similar to the way the human mind recognizes patterns: by witnessing events occur in a series through time. Electronic security systems use these technologies to alert security personnel of unusual behavior in parking lots, around and in buildings.

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