What Is a Secular Progressive?

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Taken separately, the term secular means anything that is not religious. The term progressive is commonly used to refer to individuals with liberal beliefs. Fox News commentator Bill O' Reilly is believed to be the origin for the term 'secular progressive.'

1 Secular

The term secular refers to anything that is not pertaining to religion or spirituality.

2 Progressive

The term progressive, though somewhat difficult to define, generally refers to people or political movements with liberal or left values.

3 Secular Progressive

Conservative Fox News commentator Bill O' Reilly is credited with having termed the coin 'secular progressive' to refer to any group of individuals holding a certain set of liberal values, including but not limited to support for euthanasia, gay marriage, and the legalization of certain drugs.

4 Negative Connotation

As used by Bill O' Reilly, the term 'secular progressive' has a negative connotation.

5 Secular Progressives and Christmas

The term is most often used in a negative way to describe those who oppose the use of religious messaging in public arenas like schools and in advertising campaigns. Bill O' Reilly and other conservative commentators have regularly referred to a 'secular progressive' agenda to destroy Christmas.

Corey Hill is a writer and political activist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He began writing professionally in 2003 and has published articles in "The Alameda Sun," "Drink Me Magazine," "Common Ground Magazine," Alternet and "The East Bay Express."