What is a Conservative Republican?

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You might find the phrase conservative republican to be redundant. In general, the republicans are considered conservative whereas the democrats are considered more liberal. However, there are many deviations to both republicans and democrats, and you can find liberal republicans and conservative democrats. This article will help you understand how to be a conservative republican.

1 Understand the factions of conservative republicans

Understand the factions of conservative republicans. Conservative republicans are broken into different groups, based on the policy or issue at hand. A person might not be conservative on all issues, but is still considered a conservative republican based on his or her beliefs and practices in one certain area.

2 Adopt one

Adopt one or all of the factions of conservative republicans as your own, and practice and believe them. These factions are explained in Steps 3 through 7.

3 Adopt a social conservative policy

Adopt a social conservative policy. Social conservatives believe in Christianity as the basis for all decisions, and the importance of the family. Morals are incredibly important. They are firmly against abortion and gay marriage. The social conservatives are also sometimes called religious conservatives. Mike Huckabee, former Republican Presidential Candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election, would be considered to be a social conservative.

4 Believe and practice as the paleoconservatives

Believe and practice as the paleoconservatives do. Paleoconservatives are against immigration into the United States and think that military troops should not be stationed in foreign countries (would seek complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq.) The past is important, as well as family and religion.

5 Be a neoconservative

Be a neoconservative. The neoconservatives believe in lowering taxes to stimulate the economy and are against most public welfare programs.

6 Identify and believe like the fiscal conservatives

Identify and believe like the fiscal conservatives. The fiscal conservatives are based around money and government. They want the government to be smaller and to reduce its spending. The government will have less power over the people. The national debt will be repaid. Fiscal republicans are also for privatizing social security.

7 Become culturally conservative

Become culturally conservative. By doing this, you would seek to preserve traditional American culture on US soil and in foreign nations.

8 Don't identify

If you don't identify with one or all of the factions, you can be a conservative republican in general, meaning you hold a conservative viewpoint on many issues. You would generally be against big government, against public funding for private family issues (like welfare), and you would be against taxing the rich to fund the poor. You would be against gun control and for war at all costs.