Teaching Students About Using Fractions With Cooking


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is teaching students about using fractions with cooking. Now cooking is a great way to learn about fractions because most measuring cups have all the fractions between one cup, two cups, three cups, etc. Now, if you are using say baking brownies or baking a cake, you're going to have to add cups of oil or butter and this as I said, is a great way to teach your students but what you can do is if you have a measuring cup and here's the one half cup line and your recipe calls for a half a cup of say butter, well you can ask the student what if we wanted to make half as much of this recipe. And ask them how much butter would we need. And then if they are correct, they can look at it and approximate what half of that would be and they would get one fourth of a cup. Now there's many different things you can do. If you have one cup, you can down to one half. If you have a quarter cup, you can ask them to multiply by four up to one cup and there are many other ways to teach students about cooking using fractions. Thanks a lot.

Charlie Kasov has been tutoring high school mathematics since 2004. He is qualified to teach several math subjects, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry and probability.