Letter recognition activities provide preschooler the opportunity to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun, engaging way. By providing many different ways to practice the letters, your child will be better able to recognize them. Letter recognition is an important step in preparing your preschooler for reading and writing. The following activities can be used to practice any letter of the alphabet. Adapt the activities to practice numbers, shapes or words based on your child's developmental needs.

Plan a letter of the week, changing the letter each week. Spend the week focusing on one letter to provide more exposure for your preschooler. Provide several activities and opportunities for your preschooler to explore the letter of the week.

Use blue painter's tape to make the letter on the floor. I use tape to make the letter of the week outside of my son's door so when he walks out in the morning he can see it. This letter recognition activity allows your preschooler to see the letter and feel it. Your child can trace it with his fingers, drive toy cars along the letter, or place small toys along the letter.

Pour salt or sand in a shallow baking dish. Have your child use her finger to practice writing the letter in the salt or sand. The letters can easily be erased so you can practice again. Shaving cream or whipped cream can also be used.

Take photos of things that start with the letter you're practicing. Go for a walk around the neighborhood or look around the house. Turn the activity into a letter hunt. After the photos are developed, use them to make a letter book.

Make a collage of items that start with the letter. Print out a template of the letter and glue on clip art or magazine pictures of items that start with the letter. Prepare the collage at the beginning of each week and display it so your child can visit it throughout the week. Save all of your letter collages and use them to create an alphabet book.

Use food to recreate the letter of the week. Use letter shaped cookie cutters to make cookies or jello jigglers in the shape of the letter. Make homemade pretzels and shape the dough into the letter. Make a homemade pizza and shape the dough as the letter. You could also make the letter with the toppings. Choose food that begins with the letter of the week for snack time. Kids love helping in the kitchen so this is a fun way to practice letter recognition activities.

Make homemade play dough and shape it into the letter. This letter recognition activity allows kids to play with one of their favorite things and practice their letters. Letter shaped cookie cutters work well with play dough.

Take a trip to the library and borrow books that relate to the letter. It could be a non fiction book about an animal that starts with the letter, a general ABC book, or a fiction book with a main character that starts with the letter. Your child will also learn about the process of using the library and caring for borrowed books.


  • When using salt or sand to practice letters, keep a close eye on your preschooler. They may try to experiment with tasting it!