What Are Some Signs That a Relationship Is Going Bad?

Poor communication indicates that problems exist in your relationship.
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It’s normal for relationships to experience highs and lows as couples attempt to navigate both the ups and downs of everyday life. Individuals who enter into a committed relationship bring with them a compilation of their strengths, flaws and pet peeves, and some of these components create a negative impact on the longevity of a relationship. Learn to recognize some of the warning signs that your relationship may be in trouble.

1 Silence Isn't Golden

At the onset of a relationship, it’s not unusual to experience a few moments of awkward silence. However, if you discover that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend struggle to find much to talk about it except the weather, consider this as problematic, says Dr. Stephanie Sarkis in Psychology Today, "7 Signs You’re Headed for a Breakup." Communication fuels the healthy growth and maintenance of happy relationships, and without it, your relationship may quickly turn down a dead end street.

2 I Never See You Anymore

Looking for reasons to spend time apart can be a sign of troubled waters in your relationship. Avoidant behavior speaks volumes about relationship issues. For example, volunteering to help a teacher revamp the classroom bulletin board after school, instead of spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend may indicate that a problem exists. Even though you may be seated next to your significant other, you may choose to avoid him or her by mental absence, such as daydreaming about where you prefer to be.

3 Your Transformation Can Serve as a Relevation

Evolving is an integral part of living. It’s normal to change your mind about your favorite teacher, a movie or brand of blue jeans. Perhaps you decide that want to become a first-time pet owner, or decide that living in the country is a goal you wish you pursue. That’s okay, because these changes have little impact on a relationship, according to Dr. Stephanie Sarkis. However, sometimes partners undergo shifts in their basic beliefs regarding morals, value systems and human nature that create a wide rift between partners that cannot be overcome by the initial attraction the partners held for each other.

4 I Can't Breathe

An individual who consistently violates your personal boundaries, or who seeks to control you, may leave you feeling emotionally smothered. Boundaries represent an invisible line that separates your body, personal belongings, thoughts and needs, reports marriage and family therapist Darlene Lancer in the Psych Central article, "Symptoms of Codependency." If your boyfriend or girlfriend fails to respect your boundaries, you may respond with angry, defensive or avoidant behavior in your relationship. Similarly, any person who seeks to control you breaches your personal boundaries.