Science Research Topics for Middle School

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Teachers use research papers to make their students think more in depth about scientific subjects. Science projects encourage middle school students to use their writing and research skills. One of the first steps for writing a research paper is to find a topic you would like to write about. A good science research topic for middle school asks a question about the topic and offers plenty of information a student can use to answer that question.

1 How Do Airplanes Fly?

When you look at an airplane, you may wonder how something so large and heavy can fly so easily into the air. Physics and aerodynamics play a big part in how and why airplanes are capable of flying. Detail how airplanes are designed in a way that helps them to fly despite their size and weight. You can compare the basic shape of the airplane with that of a bird and the similarities and differences between the way they fly.

2 The Ocean and the Moon

The tides of the ocean are easily observed, but the big question is, how do they work? The moon's gravitational pull is actually the reason why the tides go in and out. A research paper on this topic requires you to research scientific facts and observations that allow you see how the moon's gravity causes the tides. You will then describe that process as a part of your research paper. You can also do experiments to include in your report.

3 Fossils

Fossils are the remains of ancient creatures that have been immortalized in stone over time. A research paper on fossils can help readers to understand how these rocks have been formed and why they bear the markings of creatures from long ago. The process of fossilization is very precise and without certain conditions, it will not work properly. A middle school research paper on this topic can detail this process and also include information on the many different types of fossils that can be found.

4 Genetics

The way we look is determined by our genetic makeup. This genetic makeup is created by the genetic material -- the DNA -- we inherit from our parents, half from each. For this research topic, you can use your own family or a friend's family to show how traits can be passed on and how genetics work. Pick traits that are obvious to others, such as hair and eye color or earlobe shapes. Create a chart as part of your research paper to show the relationship between the parents' looks and those of their children.

5 Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is something that affects everyone. The weather in the world is changing and many of these changes are due to the changes in the atmosphere. A research paper on this topic allows you to evaluate the reasons why these changes are taking place and what can be done by humans to help slow down these effects. You can also address the impacts that will happen over time if the greenhouse effect continues in the direction it is currently going.

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