How to Do Rotations of Shapes

By Rachel Kaplove

Doing rotations of shapes is something that you can do with a shape like a triangle. Do rotations of shapes with help from a professional private tutor in this free video clip.


Hi, I'm Rachel, and today we're going to be going over how to do rotations of shapes. So let's say we have a graph like so, with a triangle, right? Maybe the point, one point is here, one point is here, and one point is here. And here is our shape on a graph. And let's say we're supposed to rotate it up three. Well, we merely count for each point up three, and we make a whole new triangle. So we count this up three, one, two, three, we count this point up three, one, two, three, and we count this point up three, one, two, three, and we draw the triangle over again. And now we've rotated it up three. You can also rotate it across an axis as well. In this case if it was, you know, maybe two points from the y-axis, it would again be two points from the y-axis. This might be five points from the y-axis, so then it would be five points from the y-axis, and same here, and then you've rotated the triangle across the axis. So you can rotate it up, down, side-to-side in any direction, just make sure you count your points. I'm Rachel and thank you for learning with me today. .