O-Negative Blood and Lemuria Myth

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Lemuria is a mythical “lost land” or sunken continent held by some to have existed in the Indian ocean and others in the Pacific. The idea, first offered in the 19th century, is now considered untenable because of research into plate tectonics. There are sunken continents, including the Kerguelen Plateau in the Indian ocean and Zealandia in the Pacific, but there is nothing that fits the hypothetical notion of Lemuria.

1 The Myth

Those who profess a belief in Lemuria say that it predated Atlantis and that its real name is Mu. The name Lemuria was given a civilization that sunk near India and that name stuck.
Some believers, pursuing a utopia, claim to be channeling instructions from the original people of Lemuria. Believers assert that the unknown origins of O-negative blood is a clue to the existence of Lemura.

2 O-Negative Blood

Although it is a recessive blood type, more people have type O blood than any other kind. The RH factor in blood indicates a protein that can be linked to the Rhesus monkey. Almost 85 percent of all humans have RH positive blood. Linking RH protein to the Rhesus money says nothing about its origins, which are unknown. RH negative means the blood does not contain the RH factor.

3 The Origins of O-Negative Blood

Geneticists speculate that all humans evolved from a single pre-human source. If that is the case, the logic goes, everybody would have the RH factor in their blood. The Basques have the most RH negative. Sephardic Jews have much of it, so do the nomadic Berbers of North Africa and others. Science cannot currently pinpoint the origin or origins of O-negative blood.

4 Science and O-Negative Blood

Geneticists say RH negative blood was most likely a mutation that occurred in groups that were culturally isolated. This likely happened a few thousand years ago and includes the Celts and others who eventually spread to Spain, Great Britain and later the Americas and Australia.

5 Alternative Theories

Those with more colorful imaginations have other explanations of O-negative blood than that offered by geneticists. Some assert that Basques and some others with a high percentage of O-negative are the descendants of aliens. Others speculate that people with O-negative are the descendants of Lemuria.