Mormon Religion and the End Times

Mormon leadership preaches that the faithful need not fear the end times.
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The Mormon religion joins other Christian denominations in the belief that we live at a time which signals the end of the world -- the end times. This belief is based on the Bible and the book "Doctrine and Covenants." Joseph Smith, the Mormon Church's founder, penned the latter after receiving what he called a divine revelation from God.

1 Signs of the Times

The Mormons split the indications that we're living in the end times into positive and negative signs. The positive signs include the availability of divine truth, a full-swing preaching work, the building of a city called New Jerusalem and the establishment of God's kingdom on the earth. Among the negative signs are great fear and despair among the human family, famines, sickness, wars, earthquakes, violent storms, and a lack of love and compassion in society. Mormon believers say some of these signs have been fulfilled, but not all.

2 Armageddon

The end times will culminate, according to Mormon teaching, with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the battle of Armageddon. Like other Christians, the Mormons believe that Armageddon will be the event in which God destroys wickedness in all its forms, including persons deemed to be unrighteous and unfit for God's kingdom. Near the time of Jesus' Second Coming is when Mormons say the city of New Jerusalem will be built by church members in the U.S. state of Missouri.

3 After Armageddon

After the end times' climax, Mormons say that Jesus Christ will reign personally on the earth for a thousand years -- referred to as the Millennium -- in New Jerusalem, in Missouri. At this time, the righteous will enjoy an unprecedented period of health, education, prosperity and security. Surviving Mormons will bring the entire earth to paradisaic glory. At the end of the Millenium, though, Satan the Devil will be released for a short time to gather his armies and tempt the faithful, and then to battle angels unsuccessfully.

4 Preparation

To prepare for what's ahead, Mormon leadership encourages all Mormons to prepare primarily by living a life marked by righteousness and by being repentant. Mormons are encouraged to continue to tithe their income to the Church for spiritual and temporal blessings; to stay active with their fellow Mormons at temples and other Church gathering places; and to live as if the end of the world could happen tomorrow.

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