What Does It Mean When You Have a High Intuition?

Albert Einstein once said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
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At one time or another, most people credit their intuition with guiding them to a “right” or proper decision. Webster's New World College Dictionary defines intuition as "the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning." However, people with high intuition have a much keener sense of perception.

1 “Regular” Intuition

People rely on their intuition when they dispense with analytical reasoning and rely on their gut feeling or “inner voice.” Intuitive thoughts have a way of sneaking up on people, guiding them to make quick decisions about matters ranging from impulsively pulling into the parking lot of a new and tempting restaurant to choosing a life partner. When people say that something doesn't “feel right,” they often are referring to their intuition about a situation.

2 High Intuition Signs

People who are highly intuitive may, in general, be even more sensitive and alert to the body language, tone of voice and emotions of the people around them. According to Angela Artemis, author of "The Intuition Principle," highly intuitive people also might experience vivid dreams, feel as though they can read someone else's mind and consider their own lives as teeming with symbolism and meaning. Artemis, who also runs the blog Powered By Intuition, says that highly intuitive people might be interested in learning about the “healing arts” and “systems of divination” -- such as astrology and numerology -- as outlets for their innate sense of intuition.

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