How to Get a Job in Raw Intelligence

A career in India's RAW requires much preparation.

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the external intelligence agency of India. Its main goal is to monitor political developments in adjoining countries and abroad that have an impact on India’s security and foreign policy development. RAW was formed in the late 1960s after the independent Republic of India was founded. While you can do much to prepare yourself to become a RAW agent, those chosen are recruited.

Apply for a job in the Armed or Civil Services. This is where most individuals are recruited from.

Work hard and build a solid career within the armed forces or civil service. RAW agents are recruited; therefore you must be chosen to be a RAW agent. It is not a position that you can apply for. In the past, RAW relied primarily on intelligence agents that were directly recruited for the sole purpose of working for the agency. These individuals were chosen from India’s Intelligence Bureau. Today, individuals can be recruited from military or directly from universities. Most recruits serve in the armed services, or are civil service officers.

Attend basic training. Basic training is a 10-day introduction to the world of intelligence that takes place in Gurgaon Delhi, India. During this introduction, new recruits learn the basic jargon of intelligence, how information is classified and is presented with case studies of other intelligence agencies that have existed throughout the world and throughout history.

Complete advanced training. After basic training is complete, the recruit is dispatched to a Field Intelligence Bureau. Training there lasts one to two years. During this phase of training, the recruit is taught how to handle himself in realistic, job-specific circumstances. He learns how to set up networks, avoid capture and how to face interrogation. Here the recruit is taught how to execute an intelligence mission. Before being deployed to the field, a new recruit is also trained extensively in self-defense.

Prepare for deployment. Once basic and advanced training are complete, a RAW recruit is now qualified to work under the cover of an embassy to complete the mission that she is charged with. Missions include using espionage, psychological warfare and sabotage to successfully gather sought-after intelligence.

Serve specified term and determine career path. Not everyone chooses to stay in RAW. Most RAW agents are recruited from military and police agencies and are given the opportunity to return to their original line of work once they have completed their RAW assignment.

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