How to Figure Your True Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac is an invented band in the universe that is centered on the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the perceptible pathway of the sun across the heavens. It includes the obvious course of every one of the planets and is separated into 12 constellations or what is commonly called “zodiac signs.” If you want to know how to figure your true zodiac sign, you may be interested to know that you have more than one true zodiac sign. Astrologers calculate the zodiac signs differently around the world. There are three main types of astrology: Western, Indian and Chinese. You can determine your true zodiac sign in each of these.

1 Understand that Western zodiac signs

Understand that Western zodiac signs correspond with your birth. This type of a zodiac is often called either your sun or star sign. The easiest way to figure your zodiac sign is by your birth date.

2 Sign you

Determine which sign you are by finding where your birth date falls. The following are how the Western zodiac signs are divided: March 21-April 19 is Aries; April 20-May 20 is Taurus; May 21-June 20 is Gemini; June 21-July 22 is Cancer; July 23-August 22 is Leo; August 23-September 22 is Virgo; September 23-October 22 is Libra; October 23-November 21 is Scorpio; November 22-December 21 is Sagittarius; December 22-January 19 is Capricorn; January 20-February 18 is Aquarius; February 19-March 20 is Pisces.

3 Know that Indian

Know that Indian (Hindu, Vedic, Jyotisa) zodiac signs are named differently, but when translated they are the same as the Western zodiac signs. The difference is in the location in the sky of the actual zodiac signs. Indian zodiac signs take into account the movement of the stars over time, whereas Western zodiac signs do not.

4 Look for your animal sign

Look for your animal sign. Chinese zodiac signs correspond with your birth and use animals, which are connected to one month and also one sun year. This gives each zodiac sign a 12-year phase. These 12 animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit (or hare), dragon, snake, horse, sheep (or goat), monkey, rooster, dog and pig (or boar).

5 Decide specific type

Decide which specific type of astrology you are interested in and then figure your true zodiac sign in it. You could also do it in all three of them for more revealing details.

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