How to Create a Prayer Room. In a busy world, people often need a place of retreat and reflection. Many decide to create a prayer room on their premises. Here's how to do it.

Choose the space for your prayer room. At home, you can use a guestroom or small alcove in your home. In a Montessori classroom, section off a part of the room using curtains or room dividers. In a hospital or nursing home, convert an unused room into a prayer room.

Decide on a style or focus. A Catholic prayer room, for example, might feature a crucifix, religious art and several statues. Christian prayer rooms might include a Bible and art depicting scenes from the life of Christ. Jewish prayer rooms might include a copy of the Old Testament. A non-denominational prayer room could focus on a large window looking outdoors, or a landscape painting.

Secure tables, kneelers and chairs for the prayer room. Chairs should be comfortable and the prayer table should be large enough to hold religious artifacts and prayer books.

Cover the prayer table with a cloth and place pictures or religious objects on the table. Hang art on the walls, and place curtain over any windows with unattractive views.

Include a blank journal or guest book where visitors can record their petitions and thoughts.

Add candles, with matches and snuffer, as a final touch to the prayer room. If the prayer room is for children, keep the matches out of reach and supervised by an adult.