Build a Fast Pinewood Derby Car

So you're gonna be racing in the pinewood derby, you obviously want the fastest car but how? Use these easy steps on the wheels and car to make your car the fastest. Take it from a 3 time regional champion, eagle scout.

Have your son, or if you are the cub scout, carve the block of wood into any car design as at the speeds a pinewood derby car goes, aerodynamics doesn't matter.

Now Carve with chisel a recessed area to put the weight. Put the area towards the front but don't interfere with the wheel grooves

Now before putting the wheels on dip the axles in graphite lubricant. You can also use graphite powder

Put the wheels on the axles and hammer the axles ever so lightly into the grooves until there is about an 1/8" between the wheel and wood body.

Weigh the car with wheels to determine how much weight is needed.

Add weight to recessed area and make sure most of the weight is towards the front.